What to Include in a Product Launch Plan to Be Prepared

If you are preparing for your first product launch then there are certain things you need to think about beforehand. In this article I am going to discuss what to include in your product launch plan so that you are fully prepared.Who is your target customer
Make sure that you fully understand who you are targeting your product to. Have a clear picture in your mind of who your customer is and what their needs and challenges are that you can specifically address those when you launch your product. Your product should be the solution to those specific issues.Your launch platform
Where will you launch your product? Will you launch it to your email list? Perhaps you will launch it on a forum or another website that allows you to launch products? You need to know where you’re going to do your product launch so that you can investigate when the best time of your launch will be.Timing your launch
Once you know where you’re going to launch your products you need to decide what time will be the best so that your launch gets the biggest visibility. This requires doing some analysis of the most popular times of day for your particular launch platformSpecial offers
Decide if you are going to have any special offers as part of your launch. If you are going to offer any form of discount for quick responders then you need to make sure you have that in place. This means setting up the payment system to include the discount or perhaps using a special discount code.Testing the process
It is always a good idea to test the payment process to ensure that it is working correctly. Make sure that the download page is available and that the links work correctly.Customer support
When you launch a new product make sure that you will be available or your customer support team will be on standby to answer any questions about your launch or questions from any buyers. It is important to be available and to respond quickly.Buyers email campaign
When someone purchases your product ideally you will capture their email address so that you can send the download link to their email. This means having a buyers email campaign in place. Set this up in your auto responder account so that it will happen on autopilot.You might want to include an email after a week asking people how they are getting on with implementing your product and if they have any questions or feedback. It is very important to nurture your buyers relationship so that they will become repeat customers.

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